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On July 5, the author learned from Xinjiang Yilite glass products company that as of June 30, Yilite glass company produced all kinds of milky glass wine bottles. The source of the article is 13.88 million Huaxia Wine News. The network is fast and convenient to save money, realizing a total industrial output value of 12million yuan, an industrial added value of 4.32 million yuan, a tax of 270000 yuan, and a main business income of 10.4 million yuan

it is reported that Yilite glass products company has successfully completed the relocation project and has carried out large-scale production. The introduction of national advanced equipment and adherence to innovation and technological transformation are the sharp tools for the rapid development of Yilite glass products company. Based on the quality policy of "striving for first-class quality, striving to meet customers, giving priority to science and technology and constantly surpassing ourselves", the company strictly implements the company's operation process in the production process, and makes overall arrangement and deployment for new employees to realize the reasonable allocation of personnel

the company purchased two domestic advanced core equipment determinant bottle making machines from Shandong, realizing the full automation of the unit. After putting into production, the annual output of milk white glass bottles will be 40million, and the production capacity will be more than doubled; And can save 50% of the labor cost; At the same time, the company will quantify energy conservation and emission reduction and practice the concept of environmental protection to each workshop and team, and implement the monthly assessment system

in order to reduce production costs, on the basis of improving the quality of raw materials, the company formed an acquisition network with suppliers in Xinjiang, and answered the 1-to-1 answer of our company's Yuangong as a customer 13 When changing the loading of the experimental machine, the waste wine bottles purchased should be safely recycled for reproduction. This alone will save more than 300000 yuan for the enterprise every year

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