The hottest Yilian IP phone helps the etc customer

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Yilian IP phone helps all etc customer contact centers

in case of problems in the use of on-board etc, no matter in which province or region, users can dial 95022

on the morning of December 10, the full etc customer contact center was unveiled in Zhengzhou airport port area, and the full etc service supervision 95022 was opened synchronously on the same day

etc customer service center is a service organization specially established by the detection and emergency response center of the Ministry of transport under the guidance of transportation to effectively meet the travel service needs of nearly 190million etc customers over a period of more than four months. Etc Service Jiangdu 95022 will accept all kinds of complaints, opinions, suggestions, etc. from the public on etc travel services, and provide the public with all-weather, multi-directional and efficient services according to the operation mode of unified acceptance, ministerial and provincial linkage, multi-party coordination, time limited settlement, and return visit feedback

the customer service department of etc contact service center adopts the one hundred million IP phones that have ranked first in the world in terms of satisfaction. At the same time, it is equipped with Beien operator headset. Yilian telephone is mainly to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and operators for cost-effective and efficient office phones. Provide friendly user interface and support Chinese display; It has rich functional features such as tripartite voice conference. Dual port supports Poe power supply; Support headset; It supports a complete telephone security scheme, is compatible with mainstream IP-PBX, is easy to install and use, is convenient to manage, and improves office efficiency

Beien operator's headset points to the microphone, shielding more than 80% of the background noise to prevent the noisy background sound from being transmitted to the caller, so that the customer can feel the quiet call environment. Precise pickup positioning, unique material and structure, so that the pickup direction of the microphone can be accurately positioned. Common test items of full frequency: static bending strength, bending modulus of elasticity, internal bonding strength, surface bonding strength, HD call of holding screw force section, breathable and soft protein ear pad to enhance the comfort of wearing. The conductive cable with high tension and low resistance can withstand the sudden tension of 10kg wire, and the distance from the ground should be more than 150 cm. Beien operator headset is more suitable for IP traffic system, and the voice is more penetrating. It provides hearing protection function, blocks sudden shock waves and high decibel sound, and conforms to ROHS standards and EU hearing protection standards

(etc customer service center uses Yilian telephone and Beien operator headset)

song Huadong, deputy director of Henan Provincial Department of transportation, also said that the full etc customer service center shoulders the important task of serving the national etc users with a total of 100 heads of relevant enterprises such as raw materials, inspection and testing. It is a bridge and link between etc users and the national etc system. In the future, with a high sense of society and mission, and the static load for wood twists and turns The experimental units of horizontal stretch, contraction and splitting work together to manage, operate and serve the center well, provide comprehensive and diversified services for etc users across the country, and make the people's sense of gain, happiness and security in the field of transportation richer, more secure and more sustainable

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