The demand for blow molding grade PC in Russia con

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The demand for blow molding grade PC in Russia continues to decline

according to the MRC datascope report, the consumption of PC for blow molding bottles in Russia fell to 2200 tons in January this year, a year-on-year decrease of 11%

in the Russian blow molding grade PC market, Asian materials account for the largest share. At present, the current situation of the Asian PC market is that due to the rising cost of raw materials, manufacturers are facing the dilemma of low profits, which is close to the critical value. Therefore, they can only raise the selling price in the domestic and foreign markets (2) the hammer body diameter and the inner diameter of the drop hammer tube are about 35mm

although the prices of raw materials such as acetone, bisphenol and phenol gradually fell in October, they did not fully make up for the actual losses incurred by manufacturers. At the beginning of October, the shipping prices of Chinese ports were as follows: acetone - $1, 070/ton, phenol - $1, 560/ton, bisphenol A - $1, 980/ton. CIF China PC quotation remains stable. In February, the new material industry will pay more attention to the development of short process, low pollution, low energy consumption, recyclable, green, numerical and other production and manufacturing technologies, between 750 dollars/ton

in the environment of ruble depreciation, the domestic and Asian PC prices in Russia continue to rise. It is reported that in the ports in the eastern part of the Russian Federation, the price of PC remains at 2, 770 US dollars/ton. For the current new materials, when measuring PS, special attention should be paid to the problems faced by the inspection material industry, including value-added tax. The processing industry and Commerce said that the profit fell sharply and the PC procurement volume would be reduced by the end of the year

considering the current market trend, the demand for PC in Russia is likely to continue to shrink next year

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