The demand for bisphenol A in Asia is expected to

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In 2010, the demand for bisphenol A in Asia is expected to increase by 13%

with the strong growth of the demand for phenol and bisphenol A in the Asian market, the continuous tightening of market supply has led to a sharp rise in the prices of these two products since this year. Recently, the device maintenance plans released by some major manufacturers have dashed the expectations of downstream manufacturers for a better life next year

from the end of this year to next year, many manufacturers in Asia will arrange device maintenance, especially some major manufacturers in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, China will focus on next March to July. For example, the two 200000 t/a phenol plants of Mitsui chemical company in Chiba and Osaka, Japan, will be overhauled for two weeks and one month in April and July next year, the 100000 t/a plant of South Korea Jinhu company will be overhauled for 45 days from May to June next year, and the 400000 T/a phenol plant of Taiwan chemical fiber company in Mailiao plans to be overhauled from March to April next year. Next year, the shortage of phenol and bisphenol A in the Asian market will further intensify, Because the seasonal demand growth after the Chinese new year will further push up the price of phenol in Asia

according to statistics, since the beginning of this year, the price of phenol in Asia has increased from $1414 (ton price, the same below) in the first quarter to $1830 in the fourth quarter. At the same time, the price difference between phenol and pure benzene has also been widening, from $449 in the first quarter when torque requirements were relatively high to $913 at present. The tight supply of phenol in Asia will not be significantly improved before the new Mitsui Chemical Shanghai plant is put into operation in 2013, because there are neither new plant construction projects nor capacity expansion projects during this period. On the other hand, the demand for phenol in the Asian market continues to expand, and is expected to reach 3.91 million tons this year, with a year-on-year increase of 9%. Among them, China's demand will increase by 18% to 1.27 million tons, close to 10. Impact performance: gb/t 14152 ⑵ 001 test method for external impact resistance of thermoplastic pipes clockwise rotation method is one third of Asia. The demand for this product in Asia will increase by 5% in 2011, while the Chinese market will continue to grow at a double-digit rate

in addition, the Asian demand for bisphenol A, one of the phenol derivatives, is expected to increase by 13% this year, reaching 2.7 million tons, of which China's demand is 890000 tons, an increase of 16% year-on-year. Similarly, due to tight market supply, the price of bisphenol A in Asia rose to $2338 in the fourth quarter of this year, compared with $1688 in the first quarter; The price difference between bisphenol A and pure benzene also expanded from $727 in the first quarter to $1421 at present. Market participants predict that the demand for bisphenol A in Asia will increase by 6% in 2011, The demand for polycarbonate and epoxy resin, its downstream derivatives, will also increase by 6% and 8% respectively. If there is no transformation and upgrading, it is expected that two new units will be put into operation in Asia next year, namely, the 150000 T/a unit of PTT phenol company in Thailand and the 240000 T/a unit of Kayan company in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. However, it is difficult to predict when they will reach full capacity and meet gb/t228 (2) 010 tensile test methods for metallic materials at room temperature According to the requirements of. In addition, seven BPA units with a total capacity of 1.035 million tons/year in Asia will be overhauled intensively before next June

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