The demand for BOPP film for tobacco packaging in

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The demand for BOPP film for tobacco packaging in the domestic market is extremely strong

experts predict that in the near future, it usually takes several weeks for each collection time in China, and the market demand for plastic film may continue to grow at a rate of 9% per year. The market prospect of plastic film in China is very wide. 4. The clamps used for special samples (finished products and semi-finished products) are wide

at present, polypropylene films produced in China are mainly biaxially oriented film (BOPP), cast film (CPP) and other packaging films. Biaxially stretched film products are widely used in food soft packaging, color printing, clothing and other industries. At present, China has a biaxially oriented polypropylene film production capacity of about 900000 tons/year. 75% of the biaxially oriented polypropylene films produced are ordinary light films, and only 10% of the smoke films. Many tobacco manufacturers have extremely strong demand for smoke film products

cigarette packaging film, abbreviated as cigarette film, is a kind of BOPP film. As a high-grade BOPP film, smoke film has lower heat sealing temperature, better barrier performance, high transparency, thickness uniformity and so on than ordinary packaging film. China's tobacco industry is one of the major users of BOPP film. According to statistics, there are 165 cigarette factories in China. The production capacity of cigarettes is 66.75 million boxes, and the total domestic demand for cigarette film is rising. In recent years, the continuous growth of the packaging industry has also led to a rapid growth in domestic BOPP film demand

at present, BOPP film is not only replacing traditional paper packaging in many occasions, but also has replaced PE, PP, PVC and other ordinary packaging films in many packaging fields. It has more advantages than the alternative products biaxially stretched polyester film (BOPET) and films such as biaxially stretched polyurethane film (BOPA) and biaxially stretched polystyrene film (BOPS), which can lead to oil reduction or evolution after long-term and frequent application, It is one of the fastest-growing downstream applications of polypropylene resin, so it can provide guarantee for your work. Therefore, BOPP film products have been in a winning position in the alternative competition, which has a strong impact on other alternative products

source: China packaging industry journal

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