The demand for bottle polyester in China will exce

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The demand for bottle polyester in China will exceed 1million tons

in recent years, the market sales volume of tea drinks in China has been growing at a rate of more than 15% every year. Therefore, the packaging of tea drinks has become the focus of the manufacturers concerned. China's plastic extruder market also has a great progress. It depends on the synchronization of two horizontal push cylinders to ensure a breakthrough at the same time. Because tea drinks are widely used in poly adeka, a chemical supplier, ester bottle (PET) packaging, plus fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, milk, etc., the amount of polyester used in bottles continues to grow. It is expected that the demand for polyester used in bottles in China will exceed 1million tons this year. Many domestic polyester production enterprises are optimistic about the market prospect of the increasing demand for bottle polyester, and began to turn to the production of polyester bottle chips by reforming the polyester device for fiber

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